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A new lawn with OakDew

has advantages. See what sets us apart!

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Sodding - New Grass Installation

Residential & Commercial Services

Removal of Old Sod


We understand that having a healthy lawn takes effort and lots of maintenance.​ Our busy lives sometimes cause us to neglect our lawns and before we know it, it's too late! We can help by replacing the old grass, and giving your lawn another chance to thrive and this service is completed within 1 day on average.

Preparatory Works

Once our team removes the grass with sod cutters, we take special efforts to properly set the grade, attend any drainage issues, level the the surface with additional soil, apply fertilizer prior sod installation, and provide an additional rototiller service - tilling in triple mix (compost, top soil, peat moss) before installing new sod. This is an optional add on we provide to increase nutrients within the soil and to help retain water where the grass needs it most, the root system, by breaking up hard compacted soil. The opportunity to install a lawn sprinkler system to maintain newly installed grass and/or outdoor lighting system should be considered for optimal savings.

Kentucky Blue Grass

Our grass comes fresh from the SOD farm where it is cultivated under controlled environment to produce the best quality grass. Our installers lay the sod with expertise to produce great alignment and level results with precision. We use equipment (sod roller) to make sure the SOD has good adhesion to the new soil and once its all done, we give the new lawn the water it needs.

Additional Services

  • Artificial turf installation

  • Major grading

  • Drainage systems 

  • Good soil prep can help your yard use 20% to 40% less water.

  • Soil Prep is the process of roto-tilling compacted soil, or simply breaking up hard soils to allow for better irrigation and nutrient delivery to the root systems of the grass. 

  • OakDew takes special care to inform clients of additional upgrades to gain best results from the services we offer. Consider us for your next residential or commercial project.

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