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Lawn & Garden Sprinklers

by OakDew


Time is limited. Make the best of it!

Our sprinkler systems are controlled electronically and are programmed by our technicians to irrigate your property at the best time – in the early morning! They work 24/7 throughout the season so you can focus your time on other priorities like your family or going on a vacation. Don't let your lawn or garden bed suffer of thirst. Time is scarce and we understand that our clients are busy with more important aspects of life. Our sprinklers will free your time!

Save Time

Save Money

Efficiency is clever laziness!

Our sprinkler systems will save you money versus manual watering. Sprinkler systems allow you to water your garden uniformly and effortlessly with the ideal quantity of water. As an example, you can regulate the volume of water that’s needed in a specific area quickly with a click of a button. Our Smart Wifi Controllers do all the guess work for you by accessing the internet for current weather and dynamically changing the water scheduling! 

Water Conservation is Important!

Our sprinkler systems eliminate the need for pesticides and further maintenance by creating a moist soil condition for your grass and gardens to thrive! When the grass dominates, the weeds have a lesser chance. Save the environment by efficiently watering your lawn and gardens. We install pressure regulated heads that create uniform pressure across the entire sprinkler system, and that saves water by reducing misting, thus water loss! 

Protect the Environment with Our Systems

Seamless 1 Day Install

Our efficiency and professionalism means less homeowner involvement!

Our sprinkler systems are installed underground using advanced pipe pulling machinery. Our installation crews are experienced, our pipe pulling machinery pulls the pipe underground efficiently with little or no damage to your lawn versus hand digging or trenching. No more garden hoses to handle, no visible sprinklers, no tripping hazards, no visual distractions other than your nice, green lawn to look at and enjoy!

*1 day installation is the average for a residential home. Weekend installations are available based on availability.

Protect your Investment

First Impressions Count!

Having a healthy lawn and/or garden bed provides a beautiful and clean curb appeal of your home. A welcoming home creates a positive energy that we all need and work hard for!


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