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What We Have to Offer

  • Experts in irrigation systems, landscape lighting design and installation, sodding (lawn replacement) installation.

  • We focus on customer service (click here for online google reviews)

  • Company you can trust. 7 years in business and growing exponentially. 

  • Managed by educated personnel with passion for construction who have desire to create a one stop shop by continuously growing through innovation and providing our clients with a reliable service.

  • Fully Insured with 5 million Liability.

Our services

Irrigation (Residential & Commercial)

We design each irrigation system uniquely based on the property with water conservation as a top priority, and use quality components that are efficient and reliable. Consideration of the lawn and garden areas, the plant material, soil type and grade, micro climates are all considered during the design. Click here for more info or please call to receive a fast quote.

Landscape Lighting

By focusing on the key architectural features of the home and landscape we design the lighting system to enhance your curb appeal, provide additional security, extend the use of the outdoor space, and create a balanced look to your lighting at night.

Click here for more info or please call to receive a fast quote.


Sodding Installation 

A service that involves removal of the old grass and installation of new sod. The preparatory works involve taking special care in setting the grade, attend any drainage issues, level the surface with additional soil, and if necessary, recommend tilling for those compacted soils to allow better nutrient delivery and irrigation for the grass root system. As an additional service we recommend adding compost during the tilling to deliver more nutrients to the soil.

Click here for more info or please call to receive a fast quote.

Additional services

  • Winterization (irrigation systems, pools, hot tubs)

  • Spring opening service

  • Irrigation / lighting system repairs and/or upgrades

  • Lighting system LED retrofitting and/or integration with smart transformer for dimming and zoning 

  • Micro and drip additions

  • Smart WIFI controller upgrades

  • Water drainage systems

  • Wire Burial

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